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It is time for the (almost) annual cross country skiing relay!

Everyone is welcome!

Date: Wednesday, 28th of February

Start: 10:00h

Place: Umeå University Campus, next to Teknikhuset (see map below)

Last day to register your team: Tuesday 20th of February



You can choose to participate in two different classes:

Class 1 (relay race):

  • 4 members in each team
  • each member runs the distance once (1.7 km)
  • At least two genders should be respresented in the team
  • "Running start" (Le Mans)
  • Only classic cross-country, NO SKATING ALLOWED!

Class 2 ("slagskepp"):

  • All 4 team members on one pair of skis
  • 1 x 1.7 km

Max. 32 teams can participate. First comes, first serves. Preference will be given to KBC teams.

Note: The registration is closed now!

Number of teams registered: 13

The teams registered are: Green and Yellow, The Green Dream Team - Photosynthesis rules, Krios, Fofakoketoteamom, The snow turtles, High 4, Run Forest Run, Snökanonerna, VOINFRASKITEAM, Criss-Cross, MedKem eller MotKem?, Organic chemistry, Roomies

Number tags can be picked up at the speaker boots from 9 am onwards.

Come and cheer for your favourite team!


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