KBCon [kay'bee'kon or kay'bee'cee'on] is one of three focus environments on campus that serve to provide  creative zones for dynamic and innovative meetings between students, teachers, and researchers; locally, nationally and internationally    -   Network with KBCon!

We try to accomplish this by 

  • Providing flexible meeting places for your convenient usage
  • Providing a simple booking system, training and support to use new technologies in the environment's spaces
  • Cooperating wtih students, teachers, and researchers to devise new networking paradigms that serve education and research aims

What can we do in the focus environment?

  • Videoconferencing (Skype for Business to virtually any videoconferencing platforms)
  • Live streaming and recording via UmU Play
  • Promotion of 'Core facilities'
  • Interdisciplinary networking 

Contact KBCon facilitator Hardy Hall for

    • Communication technologies consultation  
    • Technical support   
    • Equipment training   
    • Room booking (KBCon)  

Use our services for you next meeting, presentation, workshop or conference!   View 'Services' page

What places make up KBCon?

KBCon includes some spaces you already know, and some new ones! 

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