Communication technologies consultation  

The focus environment has some great tools to bring together researchers, instructors and students from around your department or around the world.  

The facilitator can help you incorporate these technologies into your events, and to discuss new types of gatherings to meet your research and educational goals.

Tuesday to Thursday

13:00 to 16:00.    

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You can establish a two-way or multi-participant videoconference / web-meeting in any of the bookable spaces in KBCon.  In the lecture theatres and Seminarierum (KBF301), room cameras and audio are used as inputs to the stationary computers allowing your entire class to participate via Skype for Business with anyone around the world.   Glasburen has a wall-mounted  Microsoft Surface Hubs with built-in camera and audio provide high quality videoconferencing experience with a flexible seating arrangement.

Lecture recording and streaming

Flip your classroom and reach a wider audience through the integrated recording and streaming in the focus environment spaces. 

Dissertation recording and streaming

Invite friends, family and collegues to your dissertation regardless of where they are in the world with livestreaming from UmU Play. 

Consultation sessions

Utilize the spaces and technologies to provide a casual and efficient atmosphere to help researchers with your expertise!  


Engage your students with the focus environment's interactive technologies. Utlize the broadcasting capabilities of the environment to bring the lab into the classroom!


Break up the standard format of symposia and conferences with live (digital) posters, whiteboard discussions, live-streamed talks!

Discussion forums etc...

Bring researchers and students together around a common interest!   

Equipment and software training   

The focus environment has many technologies that require at least a basic 5-10 minute introduction.  Book time with the KBCon facilitator today in order to become proficient with these devices.  

Room A/V control system

Learn to use the touchpanel displays in focus environment rooms (excluding Stora Miljön / atrium) that control local presentations, audio, lightin, monitoring other rooms, webstreaming, etc... The panel displays are in Swedish and English, but you may find that you need hands-on training to get the most out of the system.

Microsoft Surface Hub

Learn to use these touchscreen computers which have a streamlined Windows operating system (10 Team).  We have wall-mounted units in Glasburen and KBF301, as well as two mobile units.  They are phenomenal meeting tools with Office 365, OneDrive support, Skype for Business, and web-browsing capabilities.  

Video recording

Learn to record lectures and dissertations then stream them to UmU Play for controlled distribution.  This includes lessons on how to broadcast from lectures rooms, how to use the mobile video camera, and how to manage recordings in UmU Play and Cattura (recording utility). 

TimeEdit booking

Learn how to book rooms yourself (get started now at 'Booking Guidelines'), so that the facilitator only need approve those bookings. More proficiency means greater speed at which you can secure those spaces for your activities.  Competition for KBF301 is fierce!


Learn how to set up a two- (or more!) way video meeting in the lectures theatres or on the Surface Hubs.  

Technical support   

Emergency support is available to get things running that should be running (Panicking? Go there now!).   

However, we strongly advise you to familiarize yourself with the equipment first, and seek support for your events in advance.

The facilitator can be booked to provide support doing things that are not reasonably done by event organizers and volunteers.  As the facilitator has a 50% appointment to run the focus environment, their aim is primarily to train people to become self-sufficient in tasks mentioned in the previous section.

Room booking (KBCon)  

Did you know that you can book rooms in TimeEdit if you have a CAS ID?!  Quick-start manual for booking through TimeEdit

Read more at Training Resources!