There are three categories of things you can book

  1. Spaces
    1. Procedural overview
    2. Booking lecture theatres 
    3. Booking focus environment spaces 
    4. Booking confirmation
  2. Equipment
    1. Mobile Surface Hubs (x2)
    2. Mobile handycam (x1)
    3. Mobile Whiteboards
  3. Facilitator IT support (link to support page for info, link to booking calendar - joomla [to build])
    1. Training session for equipment or software
    2. Consultation
    3. IT support for an event


These guidelines are intended to serve KBC students, researchers, instructors and staff to book spaces at KBCon, the focus environment for the KBC.  The facilitator will respond to booking requests for these rooms by first contacting the requestor to obtain some details about the nature of their event and their technical requirements before confirming the booking.




KBC Stora Miljö room calendar 

A 8m x 8m section of the KBC Atrium that is beside the KBC communications office, as well as the space outside the lecture theatres.

Free, and open to everyone unless it is booked for a specific event. 

KBC_Glasburen room calendar

Glass-walled room beside the KBC atrium

Free, room to be open to anyone during regular business hours but bookable for exclusive use.

KBC_Seminarierummet room calendar

40-seat lecture room beside the entrance to the Chemistry lunch room

Always requires booking confirmation by facilitator. Free if booked by the facilitator, otherwise normal 4 seat booking rate applies.

This manual also covers booking lecture theatres KBE301 (Lilla Hörsalen) and KBE303 (Carl Kempe salen / Stora Hörsalen) although these rooms are not regulated by the focus environment facilitator. Nevertheless, they are included in the focus environment and may be booked by the facilitator on your behalf if the event helps to fulfil the focus environment mission.  If you have an event that requires facilitator support, such as videostreaming, don’t hesitate to reach out the focus environment facilitator.

There are 3 different basic activities for all rooms associated with the focus environment.

1. Viewing existing bookings on a room-specific basis in TimeEdit

2. Ordering bookings via the Timeedit interface (CAS login required)

3. Confirming bookings by facilitator or LOK administrator using the TimeEdit Client (web-browser)

For focus environment rooms, confirmation of bookings is done by the respective focus environment facilitator, otherwise it is a non-issue as all other bookings are confirmed automatically.


Bookings are ordered (Bekräftade) from the standard web-interface

via 'TimeEdit Web'> 'Bokning för personal'  https://se.timeedit.net/web/umu


Bookings of two lecture theatres

KBE303 Stora Hörsalen (Carl Kempe) and KBE301 Lilla Hörsalen do not need facilitator approval and bear the usual charge based upon their seating capacity.   Can be accessed through ‘lokalbokningar’ (first on list, not that highlighted in blue)


This webview also shows other rooms via cookie tracking(?) that have been searched through the 'sök lokal' field on previous occasions. 


Bookings of focus rooms

 KBC_Glasburen, KBC_StoraMilön (KBC atrium), and KB.F3.01 (seminarum) require facilitator approval.  KB.F3.01 seats 40 people and is charged according to the 31-50seat capacity rooms.  The facilitator will book this on behalf of the focus environment if the event meets the focus environment aims, thus the focus environment pays for the room.   Glasburen and Stora Miljön are free of charge, so it is arbitrary if you or the facilitator does the booking.   The facilitator uses the same booking system and must also approve their own bookings via the client system.

'Beställning av fokuslokaler' 


In the latter case, the ordered bookings are appearing in the calendar

Confirmation for focus environment spaces (excluding KBE303 (Carl Kempe/Stora Hörsalen) and KBE301) is done through the 'TimeEdit client' by the focus environment facilitator.

When the facilitator detects a booking has been made, they will finalize the booking unless there is an immediate conflict with an ongoing booking, or if the request is for a very large block of time that may interfere with our mandate to keep the rooms more generally available for short-notice events.


Details of the confirmation process are provided in the document ‘Focus Environment Room booking notes.docx’ (relevant to the facilitator)

network hub


Equipment that is fixed in rooms is included in the room bookings.   However, there are several mobile pieces of equipment that can be used in any of the focus environment spaces, or transported to other locations within the KBC

Contact KBCon facilitator Hardy Hall directly to book these.

Mobile Surface Hubs (x2)

The focus environment has two Microsoft Surface Hubs that are normally situated in KBC Glasburen, but can be booked and transported to other locations within the KBC. They are heavy, and screens are delicate, so you will need to discuss this with the facilitator.  These devices can be connected wirelessly to the internet but currently requires administrator access to configure for each session. This issue is being tackled by ITS.


Mobile handycam (x1)

The focus environment includes a Sony XA35 handycam that not only records to its SD card but can livestream through SDI ports in Glasburen and KBF301. In the near future, this device can be connected to any laptop for live broadcasting from labs to UmU Play.



Facilitator IT support (link to support page for info, link to booking calendar - joomla [to build])

The main focus envirronment aim is to facilitate a transformation in the way people network via new technologies.   To achieve this aim, we focus on helping people adopt new methods through consultations on how to implement new equipment, training people for self-sufficiency, and finally providing support where additional help is necessary in certain events. 


Tuesday to Thursday

13:00 to 16:00.    

booking icon
Book facilitator now

 Book a consultation session with the facilitator to discuss services outlined on the KBCon Service Page .  Apart from training people on specific equipment, it is the facilitators top priority to renovate networking norms to incorporate focus environment spaces and technologies.

Training session for equipment or software

We prioritize the training of KBC students and staff to become sefl-sufficient in operating equipment in the focus environment.  These are outlined on the KBCon Service Page .

IT support for an event

Some special events will still require hands-on help from the facilitator.  A consultation with the faciliator will determine if this is the case.