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KBF301 seminarierum

This is a lecture room that has been updated as a focus environment space in KBCon. As such, it is not considered a regular lecture room. Thus, bookings must be confirmed by the focus environment facilitator in order to keep the room as open and flexible as possible.  Long-term course bookings are discouraged. The equipment is owned by University Services, but space technology is supported by KBC staff.  View bookings below.

Room Details 

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​HD projection ​​​Yes
(MS Surface Hub)
Presenation recording
streaming (UmU Play)
(Room camera)
Touchscreen for stationary computer ​​Yes
(MS SurfaceHub)
Movable furniture

Instructions for AV system

20171023_KBC_FM_AV_system-instruktioner.docx   replace with updated english version

TimeEdit Schedule

To book, go to  'lokalbokning' in TimeEdit and search for 'KBC_Seminarierummet (KBF301) (förfrågan)'. 

Note! Bookings more than one month ahead of the current date are NOT confirmed and subject to denial if that booking is both 1) for a long-term course spanning more than two weeks and 2)not part of a focus environment program to strengthen communication among students, teachers and researchers within and outside KBC.  Contact the facilitator if you have questions and concerns.