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Equipment and software operating manuals

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Control panel operation KBE301 (Lilla H), KBE303 (Carl Kempe), KBF301 (seminarierum) and Glasburen have touchpanels that control the audio, video and lighting elements locally, but also can access live video feeds from each other.  This manual explains how to use the basic system to give presentations (for conventional bookings)  updating instruction manual to reflect changes to touchpanel displays   
Skype for Business on Surface Hubs

General instruction on how to use the Surface hub for Skype for Business sessions with another computer.   As a host, you will need to read the manual for the Surface Hub and one of PC or Mac-specific manuals. 

If you want multi-person meetings across multiple videoconferencing environments, please see 'Videconferencing with Starleaf' instead






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